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Years of Experience
Welcome to the Website of Helliston OÜ
We are a family business founded in 2002 that focuses first of all on the restoration and renovation of old wooden windows and doors mainly in Finland and Estonia. In addition we import accessories needed for our work and offer them in our small online store for sale.
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Our history

Our History begann in the garage of our family in the town Pärnu where we restored our first wooden windows and doors. The garage became soon too small and we had to move to the rural community called Sauga in the near of the town Pärnu and rent a small workshop there.

Over time it became clear that we do need for more space. We bought a building in Sauga, restored it and we were there until the end of the 2017 engaged.

Now we are almost back at the place where our history began – in the town Pärnu.

Since the beginning of 2018 we do restore old wooden windows and doors with our 9 experienced employee in the new and just renovated workshop in Pärnu.

Our service area comprises the neighbouring areas of Estonia and the areas that are easily accessible by a truck (max 1- to 2-day journey).

Why us?


We were first to bring the TEMA A13 System to Estonia. We are a licenced company of the restoration of old wooden windows and doors. We use specific methods in order to assure that the restored windows and doors do last long.


We have restored mostly in Finland tens of thousands windows and doors and gathered over time lots of knowledge and skills.


Our workshop in Pärnu enables us to handle also the large projects without any problems.


We have a team of trained employee who have many years of experiences.


A range of partners and completed projects indicate our trustworthiness. We accept only the project that we can handle and accomplish (see here)


For all our projects we offer a guarantee for 2 years.

About our online shop

Beside our main activity we did hit on a challenging idea. That is to say we began to import accessories needed for our work and even to have them produced specially according to our plans. We offered them also to our partners. As a feedback they did not only show interest in the products offered by us but also asked out of their need for other products that we did not have or at least we did not plan to import.

The idea developed further. As a next step we invested in our webpage and its safety. So emerged our small online shop where you can order all of those accessories that we and our partners from different countries use for our day-to-day work.